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Overclock runs a validator on the Solana blockchain, where our job is to process and verify transactions as quickly and securely as possible. The better our validator's uptime and performance, the higher the staking returns for both our stakers and ourselves, and the more smoothly Solana itself can run.  We thus strive to maximize our performance and returns, and are a top tier validator team in terms of participation in the Solana community. More on our tech here.

Staking on Solana is non-custodial and non-slashable, which means delegated SOL is in your control 100% of the time, and the only risk is that your rewards halt if your validator shuts down, or they decrease because commission fess are raised. We plan to charge 0% commission for the foreseeable future and will provide at least one month advance notice of any commission changes through our Discord announcements. We recommend setting up automated delinquency and commission alerts no matter which validator manages your stake, which you can do so on the popular validator tracker Stakewiz.

Staking to our validator can be done through popular Solana wallets, through Stakewiz and, and through Solana's command line for the more technically adept. The most secure staking practice is to stake with a Ledger hardware wallet, which can be used in tandem with the aforementioned staking routes.

If you have any questions, would like to stay up to date with our validator, and/or would like to meet fellow Solana ecosystem friends, you can join our Discord server, reach out to us on social media, or email us at

Vote Account: AS3nKBQfKs8fJ8ncyHrdvo4FDT6S8HMRhD75JjCcyr1t

Identity: C1ocKDYMCm2ooWptMMnpd5VEB2Nx4UMJgRuYofysyzcA

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