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Our "small" validator is actually a beast of a machine, an AMD EPYC 74F3 with 24 Cores (48 threads) at 3.2 GHz, 512 GB of RAM, 2 x 3.8 TB NVME drives, and 10 Gb/s of bandwidth, which is able to handle the occasional barrages of spam that more strongly interfere with the function of validators using lower grade hardware and bandwidth.


We currently run a "small" validator through Maxihost in Dallas, Texas where few other nodes are operating, thus ensuring datacenter decentralization. Solana is a delegated proof of stake blockchain, meaning that stakers delegate power to validators whom they think will best serve the interests of the blockchain and its users. While some blockchain ecosystems look down on a lively validator community and prefer shadowy super coder validators, we believe collaboration and interaction with other validators, our stakers, and other individuals in the community is the best way to build the bonds of trust and social responsibility that tie our interests to the health of the blockchain, and foster the connections that accelerate development of the ecosystem, socially and technologically.

Security & Monitoring

Our validator setup complies with Solana security best practices  and our server is protected by various DDOS protection measures provided by our datacenter provider. In addition, we have a monitoring system in place to notify us within minutes if server delinquency occurs.

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