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Eric Wallach
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While at my previous job as a dedicated web3 investment analyst at Platoon Digital, a sub-fund of Hitchwood Capital, I did research into various blockchain technologies and became very interested in both Move and Sui, which ended up leading to investments in this area. In the past I also advised PostModern Partners, a Pantera spin-out and cross-market investment fund specializing in digital assets. Currently I work with Nova River and publish my research on Substack, along with doing more casual Dune analyses on twitter for fun.

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Hey! I'm Dubbelosix. After getting a Master's degree in computer science, I started out as a software dev and over time transitioned into infrastructure engineering and devops. I have experience in both cloud and datacenter operations, which lends itself well to validator operations. During the past two years I started working in the blockchain space along with being active in blockchain communities, which is how 7Layer (cofounder and Solana team) and I met, who then introduced me to friend Eric in 2022. Over the past couple of years, I've been learning Rust and Move for both work and fun.

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