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About Overclock Sui
Overclock's primary two Sui team members are Eric Wallach and Dubbelosix. Overclock participated in Sui's Testnet 2 and 3 in early 2023, along with participating in Sui's mainnet genesis ceremony. You can find out more about us on our Team page. 

Staking to Overclock
The official Sui wallet allows one to stake to validators of one's choice and also support a Ledger cold wallet connection, which is what we highly recommend for storing your stake (do not connect your Ledger to apps and use a hot wallet for that instead). 

We will notify stakers of any planned commission changes through our discord announcements at least one month in advance. We are currently 3% commission. Sui does not have slashing as of now and we will notify stakers in advance of these changes on our discord. At the moment, the biggest risks are minimal and just involve lost rewards during an epoch (approximately one day) a validator is offline. Stake can always be withdrawn.

Our Sui server is a baremetal server located in a New York datacenter rented through It has an AMD EPYC 7443p cpu with 24 Cores (48 threads) at 2.85 GHz, 256 GB of RAM, 2 x 1.9 TB NVME drives, and 10 Gb/s of bandwidth.

Security & Monitoring
Our validator setup complies with Sui security best practices and our server is protected by various DDOS protection measures provided by our datacenter. In addition, we have a monitoring system in place to notify us within minutes if a server outage has occurred.

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