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I became involved in Web3 and Solana in early 2021. What originally was just a fun little investment gradually became a hunger to understand more about the technological aspects of Solana, and blockchains as a whole. I ended up as one of the current moderators of the Solana Tech discord and Solana subreddit, but full time I'm currently a neuroscience PhD student, but quite voraciously keep up-to-date with things in the Solana community and on the technical front. In Spring 2022, Dubbelosix and I decided to team up to run a validator operation and have enjoyed our time helping to understand the network better and doing our best to support it through its ups and downs.

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Hey! I'm Dubbelosix. After getting a Master's degree in computer science, I started out as a software dev and over time transitioned into infrastructure engineering and devops with a focus on observability and performance. I have experience in both cloud and datacenter operations, which lends itself well to validator operation on Solana. During the past two years I started working in the blockchain space along with degen-ing a bit with NFTs and debating with Eth-maxis on the side, which is how 7Layer and I first made contact. Over the past couple of years, I've been learning Rust and have a continuing interest in high performance blockchains and love understanding protocols and their tradeoffs.

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