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About Overclock
Overclock's primary two Solana team members, "7Layer" and "Dubbelosix" have been active and dedicated members of the Solana community since 2021, and started Overclock in June 2022. You can find out more about us on our Team page. We currently choose to remain pseudo-anonymous mainly for privacy reasons, but are well known at this point within the community.

Staking to Overclock
All popular Solana wallets allow one to stake to validators of one's choice and also support a Ledger cold wallet connection, which is what we highly recommend for storing your stake (do not connect your Ledger to apps and use a hot wallet for that instead). Solana staking is non-custodial.

Stakewiz can also be used to connect to for staking and tracking performance, and can also be used to set up notifications for validator downtime (typically due to short software upgrades) and any commission changes.

We are currently 3% commission and while this is subject to change, we do not have any plans to at this time (see our Discord for announcements though). Solana does not have any form of auto slashing yet, but it is eventually planned to exist and we will notify stakers in advance of these changes. At the moment, the biggest risks are minimal and involve lost rewards proportionate to the amount of time that a validator is offline (aka delinquent). Stake can always be withdrawn even if a validator goes offline.

Our Solana server is a baremetal server located in a Tokyo datacenter rented through It has an AMD EPYC 7443p cpu with 24 Cores (48 threads) at 2.85 GHz, 256 GB of RAM, 2 x 1.9 TB NVME drives, and 10 Gb/s of bandwidth. We chose to run our server out of Japan to improve geographic decentralization on the Solana network, where much of the validator network runs out of the US and Western Europe.

Security & Monitoring
Our validator setup complies with Solana security best practices and our server is protected by various DDOS protection measures provided by our datacenter. In addition, we have a monitoring system in place to notify us within minutes if a server outage has occurred. We have operated on Solana since June 2022 and have yet to encounter any DDOS or spam issues.

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